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Grab your boots and put on that tie! You're coming with me to the dugout.
I'll take you on a trip through my life in the wonderful world of FM20. From getting that first job until I reach the peak and win everything that I can win!



Yes! You read that right!
Welcome to the first update in over 1.5 years!
It has been really tough for me to get back into FM, especially because I felt, and still feel, that FM22 is below par and not as good as FM21. I couldn't tell you why, but my attention was never caught. Perhaps it was related to players? Transfers? Clubs? Gameplay?...

Welcome back! Which I guess is as much to me, as it is to you.
I've been so busy with family, moving and work, that I've simply just not had the energy to sit and update the blog.
But I can't leave you hanging!
In the first episode of Breaking Bordavia, we had a look at the squad, facilities and staff of PFC Dynamo Galsk....

Hello one, hello all!
What a dream I just had! I dreamt that I was in this... This metropolitan city, surrounded by potato farms, yet also surrounded by new and moderns buildings.
My geography is not that strong, but. I have this weird feeling that I am in...
Oh... Damn..

With everyone raving about the new FM21, I still had to finish my current series.
So, after an incredible first season at the helm of the Superliga Team from "my town", the second season syndrome was looming over us.
Could we follow up our absolutely insane Superliga Title?
Would we crumble and turn into a relegation candidate?...

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